Marketing To Muslim Consumers Is Easier (And Harder) Than You Think

Muslim consumers are a rapidly growing demographic with tremendous spending power, present in virtually every market in the world. Despite this, Muslims are a largely underserved and frequently overlooked economic sector. Since a whopping 90% of Muslims say that their faith impacts their buying habits, categorically ignoring the needs of Muslim consumers is clearly a costly mistake. So is plowing in blindly without considering the particular nuances of this multifaceted market. So how should you market to Muslim consumers?

Why Nabra Hassanen's Murder Needs to Be Examined in the Context of Hate Crimes

Nabra had a trifecta of hated identities: she was Muslim, black, and a woman – all three of which are identity groups that experience heightened marginalisation, discrimination, and violence. To deny that Islamophobia and anti-Muslim violence is a real – and dangerous – occurrence is to try and deny, discredit, and silence the experiences of Muslims – particularly women – in the West, who face violence because we are Muslim.

I Was Sexually Harassed by Donald Trump Supporters for Being Muslim

There exists in America—and the world, because violence against women is in no way discriminatorily exclusive to Muslim communities—a disgusting subculture where it’s permissible to harass and abuse women, sexually or otherwise, because we’re brown, black, white, “exotic,” scantily clad, we wanted it or were somehow “asking for it” or “had it coming,” or got what we “deserved.”